2016-12-21 11:15

We hereby warmly invite you to the meanwhile 13th edition of our season opening. In 2017 it's time for a new location and we will move to the city at the mountain in the heart of the upper Lusatia.

DATE: Saturday, April 29th 2017
TIME SCHEDULE: Open doors for selected cars as of 10:00. Official start at 12:00. Trophies between 16:00 and 17:00 (subject to modifications)
EVENT ADDRESS: Messe und Veranstaltungspark, Goerlitzer Strasse 2, 02708 Loebau, Germany

IMPORTANT: The spots for cars (indoor + outdoor) are limited and due to this a registration and selection of cars is necessary. If you are interested to show your car at the event please register by sending us a short email (info (at) cult-style.de) including your name, full postal address, car brand/type and a picture of your car. Also feel free to invite your friends to the show.

NEW: This year we plan to offer spots for clubs. Therefore, it is possible to send us collective applications for all your team members or friends. According to the number of expected participants we will try to give you a connected spot. Please contact us if you are interested here.

The general rule is: It is only possible to get a spot with a confirmation from our side! Other interested people can park outside the main event area and enter the show as well.

Some further information regarding the registration and selection process: The applications can be submitted to us via email as of today (December, 16th). We will collect applications first for some time to get an overview about the participants. Therefore, please understand that it can take some time until getting a response from us. As long as you do not get negative response from us, there is still the chance to take part. In case of a positive decision you will be informed via email first. Finally, you will receive a written invitation some weeks before the show. Therefore, it is import to submit your postal address.

There will be some Live music, videos, interviews, drinks&food and some trophies created by us waiting for you. Some more details will be announced here soon. But most important is to meet you and talk to each other again.

We are happy to welcome you!

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