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2018-01-11 18:35

The new year has arrived and its again time to invite you for season opening. We hereby warmly invite all automotive enthusiats from Germany, Poland and Czech Republich (of course all others, too) into the heart of the three nations triangle to start into the new season.

DATE: Saturday, April 21th 2018
TIME SCHEDULE: Open doors for selected cars as of 09:30. Official start at 11:00. Trophies between 16:00 and 17:00 (subject to modifications)
EVENT ADDRESS: Messe und Veranstaltungspark, Goerlitzer Strasse 2, 02708 Loebau, Germany
Service Charge / Entrance fee: 10Euro (car + driver), 5Euro (passengers, visitors)

Live DJs - Lineup to be announced
Trophies - cult-style Awards, public choices, partner choices
Interviews - 10 Questions and 10 Answers together with you (see below)
Photo contest - We will have a voting after the event to determine the best picture taken at the event. A special trophy will be waiting for the photographer.
(More details about the agenda will follow - be suprised)

INTERVIEWS: Do you have an exciting project which is worth to be explained in detail? We are looking for interview partners for our Q+A round. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

IMPORTANT: The spots for cars (indoor + outdoor) are limited and due to this a registration and selection of cars is necessary. If you are interested to show your car at the event please register by sending us a short email (info@cult-style.de) including your name, full postal address (required for invitation), car brand/type and a picture of your car. Also feel free to invite your friends to the show. In case of a positive decision you will be informed via email first. Finally, you will receive a written invitation some weeks before the show. Therefore, it is import to submit your postal address.

The general rule is: It is only possible to get a spot with a confirmation from our side! Other interested people can park outside the main event area and enter the show as well.

We are happy to welcome you!

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